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Offers of Foreigners Wishing to Buy or Finance Your Business

Fri, 1 Jun 2001

Subject: ====foreigners want to finance/buy your business

Foreigners  want to buy or finance your business speak to them right now.
( This is a group of 317 venture capital firms, angels, private investors)

(WE LIMIT CUSTOMERS)   Contact us right  now at our United States office and we will e-mail  you back  written details.

Do not just e-mail back to us it will NOT reach us we are in transit. Please use these ONLY these e-mails below to contact us.

or fax us at 305-847-3945 in the U.S.. and include your e-mail address so we can e-mail you back our credentials.

Please include contact name...............along with your e-mail address

Best Regards,

Helen Hunter

To remove only..........................

20 email addresses from 15,000 domain names - free at

We have foreigners who want to buy or finance your business/speak to them right now...
Wed, 26 Jul 2000


As per your inquiry..........PHONE CALLS ONLY PLEASE


can be on your desk in 10 minutes. With phone numbers, fax numbers and emails ready to go.

for an absolutely free total inspection..............

List costs $55.00 if you decide to buy after total inspection.

Our list includes the most ready to invest venture capital people as well as private investors/buyers and just plain individuals seeking to get into the business world by buying or financing a business.


1.  This is a list of 277 persons and organizations worldwide seeking to finance and or buy your business. Venture capital people as well. NONE charges any type of fee. They want you to contact them.

2.  Our lists include phone numbers, fax numbers, and emails. We have been in the business 7 years. Emailing these names on our list your business description works best. And it's free.

3. If you don't want to email but prefer to fax Several websites offer FREE WORLDWIDE FAXING We will send you the site addresses when you decide to buy. But these buyers and finance people love email so why bother.

4.  Our list costs $55.00.

5.  When you decide to buy, you will call us back for our company info on sending in your check. This of course is after you call and check out the names on our list as thoroughly as you care to , but BEFORE you email or fax your business profile to these persons seeking to buy or finance your business.


1.  Call anybody on our list.  ( BUT don't fax or email them your business description) Thoroughly satisfy yourself the list is everything we say it is. We want you to pay for the calls to these people to show that you are as "real as we are". DON'T FAX or EMAIL any business description until you decide to buy our list.  Do call all you want.

2.  If you decide to buy our list call us and we will email you our company info on mailing in your check.

We have been in the business 7 years and  know many people on the list. I assure you if you screw us we will find out and mass email to all the people on the list what you did.  None will deal with you. As is customary the list is also seeded to prevent misuse and resale.


Susan Delaney 732-247-3173
International Business Sales and Finance
36 Heather Drive
Somerset, New Jersey  08873

Forward to president of company, please .............thank you.

URGENT/we want to finance/buy your business/177 businesses  financed/bought  (Quick action if desired )

Foreigners want to finance or buy your business speak to them right  now.

This is a group of 317 venture capital firms, angels, private  investors .

(WE LIMIT CUSTOMERS) Contact us right now at our United States office and we will e-mail you back written details.

We are Americans. We are involved with start-ups, young businesses, established businesses.

Do not just e-mail back to us it will NOT reach us we are in transit. Please reply to the e-mail below to contact

Best Regards,
Helen Hunter / Jim Hiller

Additionally .................

We are working with 241 bilingual U.S. and international  sales reps/distributors/buyers and joint marketing partners who work exclusively on a cash in advance basis............

Some are in your exact  field and  and are interested in discussing doing  U.S. and international  business with you.  All are English speaking.

It would be a mistake not to e-mail us for details on this very well credentialed group also.

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