Crimes of Persuasion:

Schemes, scams, frauds.

This section of street scams has been developed to show scams where the losses per victim generally exceed $1000 as opposed to the section at Minor Loss Street Scams which covers street fraud victim losses under $1000.

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Psychic Scams Jamaican Switch Pigeon Drop ATM Scams S African Switch Latin Lotto Fake Family Fake Police Bank Examiner

For reference to actual police advisories and suspect Traveling Criminals.

Elderly man scammed by fraudsters claiming to have cancer. - article

How Con Artists Will Steal Your Savings and Inheritance Through Telemarketing Fraud, Investment Schemes and Consumer Scams

In-depth fraud coverage of computer crimes such as pyramid schemes make this economic crime library of internet crimes the cyber crime location for the schemes, scams and swindles that con artists and shonks perpetrate.

White collar crimes such as prime bank fraud, pyramid scams, internet fraud, phone scams, chain letters, modeling agency and Nigerian scams, computer fraud as well as telemarketing fraud are fully explained.

This organized crime report by Les Henderson includes credit card fraud, check kiting, tax fraud, money laundering, mail fraud, counterfeit money orders, check fraud and other who's who true crimes of persuasion.

Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, scams, frauds.

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